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Sample Business Cover Letter For Visa

Corporate Business letters should include the following information:

  • The letter should be written on company letterhead
  • Addressed to the Consulate General of [Country you Intend to Visit]
  • State the name of the applicant sponsored (traveler) or employed by the company or organization
  • Mention that you're going for business meetings (avoid these words: work, train, assist)
  • State that your company will be financially responsible for you while traveling and for your return transportation to the USA
  • State the dates of your visit
  • The earliest possible date of departure (if you may travel at any time, indicate an approximate date)
  • Company guarantee of financial responsibility for all travel expenses as well as return transportation to the USA
  • Letter must specify the validity of the visa and number of entries the applicant is requesting. If this is not specified the consular officer will issue the visa at their discretion. 
  • A closing original signature (someone other than the applicant). Electronic signature not accepted.

Your Company Letterhead





CONSULATE GENERAL OF    (Country of destination)    

RE:  Business Visa for      (Applicant’s name)   


This is to introduce  __(Applicant’s name)____ who is employed by  ____(Company)_____ as ___(Job title)____.  

(Describe the Nature of the U.S. company’s business)

_(Applicant’s name)____ will be going to _(Country of destination)    for business meetings.(Avoid these words: work, train, assist. Describe nature of business or activities to be conducted).

__(Applicant’s name)____  will be  visiting (inform name(s) and address(es) of company(ies) with which applicant is going to meet with).
(He/She) will be meeting with (Inform Name(s) of person(s) to be contacted in country of destination, phone number(s) and his/her/their functions in the company).

__(Applicant’s name)____plans to travel to _(Country of destination)   on _(date)_ and stay there until _(date)_. 

Based on our experience, we feel confident that __(Applicant’s name)____will maintain a high degree of integrity while in your country. With this in mind, our company will assume full  financial responsibility for (his/her) trip and insure (him/her) a round-trip transportation to and from _(Country of destination)   , as well as all local expenses.

 __(Applicant’s name)___  will provide no technical services and has no intention to immigrate to _(Country of destination)   .

Should you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at __(Contact ph#/email)__.




(Original signature with pen)



Business Schengen Visa Cover Letter Sample

Applying for a Business Schengen Visa, except for the regular documents you are expected to send to the Embassy, you must also work towards composing a cover letter that you can submit to the Embassy together with the rest of the documents, to explain in detail your purpose of travel and your itinerary.

Check out the sample below to help you put together your own:

[Letterhead of Company]

To: Consulate General of [the country of travel]


Dear Consul General:

Through this letter, I want to confirm that Mr./Mrs. [Name and last name] is an employee at our firm [company name], as [job title/position]. Mr./Mrs. [Name] has been working with our company for the last [number of years] and will be travelling to [name of city], [country] starting from [date of entry] until [date of exit] for a total of [number of days] to attend to the following work-related activities:

  1. Write in as much detail as possible about the business that will be conducted abroad

While [name of employee] is visiting your country, it is important to also visit [name of visiting company and contact details].

Mr./Mrs. [Name] will be staying at [hotel name, address, phone number].

I kindly ask for the [visa type] to be issued to Mr./Mrs. [Name and last name] at your earliest convenience.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further inquiries.

Thank you for your assistance.

[Supervisor signature]
[Name and last name]
[Phone number]

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