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RCS Nova Scotia

RCS Nova Scotia believes that the Commonwealth is an important influence for good in the world. The value of this society lies in the great diversity of cultures and creeds and political beliefs it represents, and in its ability to communicate and act constructively for peaceful ends. Contacts forged among peoples of the Commonwealth, and particularly among the countries’ youth, comprise a vital element in creating and sustaining understanding and tolerance among different peoples and communities.

The Nova Scotia Branch of The Royal Commonwealth Society holds meetings and social events throughout the year, with special speakers and entertainment with a Commonwealth flavour. In the summer there is a Lobster Dinner, followed in the fall by a Wine and Cheese Event and during winter the annual formal Christmas Tea is a highlight. On Commonwealth Day in March we hold a Church Service and Luncheon. His Honour reads Her Majesty’s message, and the special speaker has a topical presentation. Finishing off the year, there is a Brunch and AGM in May.

Our branch has a focus on youth. Commonwealth students studying at the local universities are offered on a first- come first- served basis a guided bus tour of our scenic South Shore in the fall. This tour has been offered now for 27 years. At Christmas, University Commonwealth students are invited to a Christmas Reception at Government House hosted by his Honour, the Lieutenant Governor, and Her Honour. School students are encouraged to participate in the Queen’s International Essay Competition, the oldest and largest in the world. Nova Scotia has had Award Winners who are then recognized by His Honour, our Lieutenant Governor, at a special reception event at Government House.

Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018 Launched

Friday, 1 December 2017, 10:46 am
Press Release: Royal Commonwealth Society

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018 Launched Following Star-Studded Reception at Buckingham Palace

Today The Royal Commonwealth Society has launched The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018, calling on schools and young people across the Commonwealth to take part.

Focusing on the theme of Towards a Common Future, this year’s topics ask young writers to explore how the Commonwealth can address global challenges and work to create a better future for all citizens. Topics explore the sub-themes of sustainability, safety, prosperity and fairness, in line with the theme of the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

The launch follows a hugely successful Awards Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, in the presence of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, and attended by over one hundred distinguished guests, including David Walliams, Anne Fine OBE, Gyles Brandreth and Orla Kiely. Four young winners travelled from Australia, Canada, India and the UK to receive their certificates and participate in a week long programme of educational and cultural activities including visits to Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe and Westminster Abbey.

There were over 12 300 entries to the Competition in 2017, from 44 countries and over 600 schools across the Commonwealth. Former Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine OBE, said: 'It’s fascinating to see the sheer range of response[s] to the competition…all our young winners show boundless imagination, along with impressive control. It was a pleasure to read these poems and stories.'

The Director of The Royal Commonwealth Society, Michael Lake CBE, said: ‘The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is a wonderful medium for bringing together young people from across the Commonwealth, developing creative writing skills and recognising the achievement of young writers.’

This highly prestigious competition aims to challenge young people’s thinking and the means by which they can express their views, using creative forms of writing such as essays, poems, stories or scripts.

The competition is open to all citizens and residents of the Commonwealth aged 18 and under and is open from today until 1st June 2018. A Winner and Runner-up from both the Senior and Junior categories will win a trip to London for a week-long series of educational and cultural events.



The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition was founded by the Royal Commonwealth Society in 1883 and is the world’s oldest international schools’ writing contest.

The Junior category is open to entrants aged under 14 and the Senior category is open to entrants aged 14-18.

More information about the competition including the entry rules and essay topics can be found here: www.thercs.org/competition

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS), founded in 1868, is a network of individuals and organisations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world. Through youth empowerment, education and advocacy, the RCS promotes the value and values of the Commonwealth.www.thercs.org

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