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The Yield Lab Ireland Announces 2017 Portfolio at PorterShed, Galway

The Yield Lab Ireland Announces 2017 Portfolio at PorterShed, Galway

GALWAY, IRELAND May 31, 2017 – Bees, fish, electricide weed control and fly larvae are the focus of four of the companies selected by Yield Lab Ireland for the 2017 portfolio. The Yield Lab is Ireland’s first food and agriculture technology (AgTech) seed fund that has set up in Galway.   Details of the selected portfolio companies were announced at a launch event in Galway’s PorterShed innovation hub.


Founded in St. Louis in 2014 by a group of Ag industry experts and executives, the Yield Lab has invested in 15 AgTech companies from across the world. Expansion into Ireland has been led by Paul Finnerty, Chairman of Yield Lab Ireland and former CEO of ABP Food Group. Paul says, “We are pleased to announce our first portfolio of investments in innovative early stage AgTech businesses which we believe have the potential to assist in improving the sustainability of how food is produced, not just in Ireland but internationally.”


Selected companies receive €100,000 in funding and participate in a six-month accelerator programme located in Ireland. During the programme, the companies take part in hands-on training, mentoring, and networking opportunities with international agribusiness and financial institutions to develop their customer, collaborator and investor base.


The 2017 Yield Lab Ireland Cohort Includes:


Fiona Edwards Murphy & Andrew Wood – Cork, Ireland

ApisProtect uses in-hive sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives, to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies.  The collected data is gathered using mobile networks, then machine learning and big data techniques are applied which provide actionable insights about colony health, diseases, pests and other important events to make effective beekeeping decisions.




Alvan Hunt – Kells, Ireland

Hexafly converts low value vegetable waste into environmentally-friendly protein and nutritional oil products, of high value to the aquaculture fish feed market.  Other by-products include frass, a natural fertilizer, and chitin, a bio-polymer used in medicine and as a food additive.  These products are derived from black soldier fly larvae, which consume the vegetable waste.




Simon Jegan Porphy & Antonio Lamb – Cork, Ireland

MicroSynbiotiX is developing a novel, patent-pending cost-effective method of producing oral vaccines using transgenic microalgae to combat infections in aquaculture and improve global food security.




Andrew Diprose – Warwick, United Kingdom

Ubiqutek is developing a weed control product that kills weeds using electrical charges which aim to reduce the use of herbicides and other pesticides.




About The Yield Lab

The Yield Lab brings together new innovative technologies focused on improving productivity, enhancing knowledge, eroding boundaries, and merging historically independent ecosystems into a more cohesive agricultural system. For more information, please visit www.theyieldlab.com


There is a time in a person s existence when they loose their innocence. No longer are they sheltered from the harsh outside world, they are a part of it. They are now corrupt. A process that engulfs all and is only stopped by death. These are the thoughts of Holden Caulfield right before he has a mental breakdown. Holden adores innocence and how only the young are subject to it.

In Holden s mind there are three people in particular Holden knows who are the epitome of innocence. These people are Phoebe, Holden s younger sister, Jane, Holden s friend from summer, and Allie, Holden s younger brother that has passed away. Phoebe, who Holden loves very much, has always appeared innocent to Holden. Holden is very attached to Phoebe and would do anything in his power to save her from the corrupt world that he has succumbed to. The thing that Holden does not realize is that innocence is not forever. It is only a matter of time before one becomes corrupt.

Holden believes that if he shelters Phoebe that she will remain innocent. Misguided by it s connotation, Holden remembers the poem The Catcher in the Rye. Holden sees himself as a catcher in a field of rye preventing frolicking children from falling off a cliff. In Holden s mind the field of rye is childhood innocence and the unknown past the cliff is the corrupt side of the world.

Jane Gallagher was a summer friend of Holden s a few years back. Holden and Jane always used to play checkers with each other on Holden s front porch. Whenever they played Jane always kept her kings in the back row. Holden s last image of Jane was as a sweet innocent young girl.

Keeping the kings in the back was a metaphor. It symbolizes Jane remaining innocent and not letting the corrupt world in. Holden thinks that Jane has not changed and she has remained innocent. Unfortunately, the reality is that Jane has probably grown up and has gone corrupt. Jane, has realized to advance you must risk Kings and in order to do that your innocence is sacrificed. Allie, Holden s brother, died a few years ago from leukemia.

Allie was the ideal of innocence to Holden. Holden admired Allie for his innocence. When Allie died, Allie s innocence remained with him. Allie was never corrupted or had even started down the road to corruption.

Now, Allie can never be corrupted. He is one of the few, the lucky, that remain innocent forever. Holden looks for those who are innocent. Holden is looking for Allie. Holden can never find Allie, and by seeking out the innocent Holden is merely trying to cope with Allie s death. His obsession with his brother s death most likely is the reason why Holden snapped.

He must learn in order to survive you must be corrupt. Allie never learned that lesson.

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