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Kimberly Clark Case Study

Integration of packaging and distribution operations speeds products from factory to retail shelf.

Kimberly-Clark was experiencing huge demand for a new feminine care product.  The product launch was so huge that the manufacturer struggled to meet customer demand.  The company needed a way to ship bulk product from the factory and quickly convert it to packaged, shelf-ready condition.  Enter KANE, which secured the specialized equipment and the FDA approval needed to handle Pharmaceutical Class 2 medical devices, all packaged in a clean room environment.  Applying its extensive packaging experience, KANE was able to receive generic brown box cases of 1000 loose-packed units and quickly transform them into shelf-ready packages. 

Result: the company kept pace with demand and gained market share in the competitive HBA market.

Kimberly Clark-Case Analysis

2163 WordsMar 25th, 20129 Pages

Kimberly-Clark Andean Region: Case Analysis

July 25, 2011

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kimberly Clark (K-C), the consumer products company, has become a market leader in the majority of Latin American markets. Its dominance is attributed to the fact that, unlike its competitors, the company is organized regionally, which allows responsiveness to its customers and more empowerment to the regional teams, giving K-C advantage over its competition. (Anderson) K-C's Andean region stands out among the Latin American regions because of its performance as well as because of the leadership and management style of Sergio Nacach and the culture that he has put in place in the Andean region. The culture that exists within the Andean region…show more content…

Success factors for one region are obviously not the same for another region; otherwise growth would have been very similar. It is also important to draw attention to Sergio’s background, management style, and actions with respect to the existing Andean’s culture and the four dimensions explaining different types of organizational systems and managerial behavior: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism-Collectivism, Masculinity-Femininity (Ibarra, 1996). Sergio worked in different functions of K-C during the early parts of his career, such as purchasing, sales, etc. The diverse experience gave him the necessary insight and wisdom to understand the ground level issues faced by each of these teams. After witnessing a general practice of people looking out for themselves, with departments pointing fingers at each other, Sergio understood the importance of building a culture incorporating the company’s goals with individual goals. When Sergio took over the Andean operations, this region was also facing various global issues such as oil and raw material prices increase. Countries in the Andean region were also facing various political and economic issues of their own which included cross-border disputes and military confrontations. In spite of these issues, Sergio was successful in creating a winning culture through his management style by rolling out some specific initiatives that

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